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Summer season in on, the nights are getting shorter and the cold days are over. On the first days of this magical season we always think that it will last forever and the excitement rises to the top. You might want to feel the splash that will heal your nostalgia. Now’s the time to shop for your favorite beachwear. We’ve collected some of the most exciting looks for you to satisfy your thirst and prepare you for hot days. It’s all about that glam swimsuits and statement accessories this year. You will look like a vintage bathing beauty in one of these Fella swimsuits: modest, figure flattering and most of all fun! Mix both, one piece and two piece bikini swimsuits with trendy transparent clothing as we did. Tiko Paksa, Lalo, Walk of Shame, Sylvia Toledano, Eshvi, 0711, these are the brands that will help you create the most flattering looks for the most pleasant season of the year.



Dodoshka Chkheidze, a girl who transforms advertisements and films into colorful creations. She can't treat fashion world without love, especially when creative directors of TATA NAKA brand are her cousins. Currently, she works on the following projects: development of decorations for the eZo Festival, interior design for TBC Bank and for the shop Gemorcheuli. Dodoshka believes her style icon Tilda Swinton sees that fine line where one can preserve the individuality and on the other hand be unrepeatable.

While spending a heartwarming time with MORE is LOVE team in the cuttest Plant Shop, she chose light soaring look with silver loafers emphasizing her character!

The LOOK with Nutsa Kuridze
The LOOK with Maka Kvitsiani
The LOOK with Taso Gomelauri
the LOOK with Sophie Villy
the LOOK with Anastasia Jovanović
the LOOK with Keti Mangoshvili
the LOOK with Elene Gvetadze
the LOOK with Portia Shaw
The LOOK with Ekaterina Mukhina
The LOOK with Nina Gogua
The LOOK with Keti Toloraia
the LOOK with Lika Evgenidze
the LOOK with Tata Bondarchuk
the LOOK with Leila Imanova
the LOOK with Nadiia Shapoval
the LOOK with Olimpia Whitemustache
the LOOK with Yana Demidovich
the LOOK with Natalie Cantell
the LOOK with Elena Bara
the LOOK with Maria Mikhailova
the LOOK with Natia Bukia
the LOOK with Nino Tskitishvili
the LOOK with Tamuna Gvaberidze
the LOOK with Nino Daraseli
the LOOK with Ruska Makashvili
the LOOK with Anna October
the LOOK with Tako Natsvlishvili
the LOOK with Sasha Panika
the LOOK with SALIO
the LOOK with Daria Shapovalova
the Look with Oksana On
the Look with Nina Vasadze
the LOOK with Tatuna Svanidze
the Look with Ana Jikia
the LOOK with Mari Kobridze
the LOOK with Tina Dalakishvili
the LOOK with Tatuna Nikolaishvili
the LOOK with Natalia Jugheli
The LOOK with Anouki Areshidze
the LOOK with Elene Metreveli
the LOOK with Lalo and Nina Dolidze
the LOOK with Valentina Grishenko
the LOOK with Natalia Osmann
the LOOK with Natacha Steven
the LOOK with Maria Kolosova
the LOOK with Tako Chkheidze
the LOOK with Rusa Chachua
the LOOK with Katya Borkunova
the LOOK with Nutsa Mestumrishvili
the LOOK with Viktoria Klinovskaya
the LOOK with Anka Tsitsishvili
the LOOK with Salome Gviniashvili

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London-based womenswear label ISA ARFEN was founded in late 2011 by Serafina Sama. Growing up in Ravenna, Italy, Serafina was surrounded by strong female figures whose individual, eccentric and irreverent styles are reflected in the ISA ARFEN design aesthetic. Her collections combines a strong sense of tradition with a modern, eclectic attitude. Drawing on the canons of Italian style with equal doses of pride and irony, the label is relaxed, feminine and fun, shot through with a touch of aristocratic sensibility.

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