Here is our recipe of the ideal home alone setting. Take your diary to make some notes. You need one cosy couch, Bertolucci's “The Dreamers” and few books about art. Choose the right shirt outfit add some accessories and now you have some glorious looks for indoor setting! Check out following brands for perfect day off looks: Bevza, 0711, Annie Costello Brown, Babukhadia, Cult Gaia, Tiko Paksa, Nanushka, Gaviria, Le Mocassin Zippé, Liya.
PS: To increase the effect, follow our instructions at least twice a month.



Nina fell in love with fashion from the moments when she made a debut as a runway model at the tender age of 12. Since then, she was dreaming to become a fashion designer. As of now, Nina is successful accessorie’s designer of her own brand. Her brainchild becomes more and more popular with influences around the world. Nina's everyday choice is jeans and sneakers, for evenings always dresses and high heels. Her ultimate style goal is Kate Moss. Her easy and sophisticated style always inspires Nina's style. MORE is LOVE team spent one summer day with Nina Zarqua!

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Editor's Word

London-based womenswear label ISA ARFEN was founded in late 2011 by Serafina Sama. Growing up in Ravenna, Italy, Serafina was surrounded by strong female figures whose individual, eccentric and irreverent styles are reflected in the ISA ARFEN design aesthetic. Her collections combines a strong sense of tradition with a modern, eclectic attitude. Drawing on the canons of Italian style with equal doses of pride and irony, the label is relaxed, feminine and fun, shot through with a touch of aristocratic sensibility.

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