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Knowing what she wants and likes, Julie Paskal never makes compromises on market trends. She is one of the most promising Ukranian designers and recently selected for LVMH Prize list. Her brand is known for delicate silhouettes,clear lines,minimalistic shapes, and she’s firm about it. She wants to create something special so she is always sincere with herself while working on her clothing.



MORE is LOVE: You studied architecture, how did you came to fashion design, why did you change the field?

Julie Paskal: Studying architecture gave me the notion of color, proportions, lines and shapes. It is more mechanical and solid and working with fabrics is almost magic. You can transform even the most fanciful idea into a ready object, so sensitive and soft, you can put it on bare skin.

MORE is LOVE: Describe one day in Paskal studio…

Julie Paskal: Every day is different from another.

MORE is LOVE: In one interview you said you are very honest with yourself, that you appreciate honest design, what do you mean by that?

Julie Paskal: My design is the projection of what I see, how I perceive the world. Paskal aesthetics is more about real feelings and experiences. That explains why my studio has never worked as an atelier and we never work for private customers, if our visions oppose each other. If you are becoming too commercial you are not sincere and you are doomed to fail. That is what I meant by being honest with myself.

My design is a projection of how I see the world.Paskal aesthetics is all about real feelings and experiences.

MORE is LOVE: How do you choose your fabrics? What is your favorite material to work with?

Julie Paskal: Selection of fabrics is my favorite process. Paskal “signature” fabric is atlas. I like it because it is very structured and moderately thick. It holds the shape and it's perfect for laser-cutting.

MORE is LOVE: What music is usually playing in your studio?

Julie Paskal: We listen to different kinds of music: sometimes it's techno, sometimes it's romantic Mac DeMarco, or even mixes on a Colette radio.

MORE is LOVE: You were selected for the LVMH Prize how did it feel? What did it mean to you?

Julie Paskal: It was absolutely unexpected. I found PASKAL in the list with many known and moreover my favorite designers. But at the same time, it was the stage of development of the brand which clearly reflects my professional growth and I was convinced again that I am moving in a right direction.

MORE is LOVE: Who is a Paskal girl? What does she do? What are her interests?

Julie Paskal: She is amorous, but rather serious. She has free spirit. PASKAL girl is very mobile and she has no stereotypes or prejudices. She is connected with nature and her mood depends on it. She is quite good in cooking, but honestly, she kisses better than she cooks!

MORE is LOVE: What can we expect from you next season?

Julie Paskal: My next collection is fairy in a mysterious way, inspired by Leo Atamanov's "Ice Queen". I am using black and blue atlas and icy jacquard, trying to bring the idea of changing aggregate states of water.

MORE is LOVE: You are the mother of two now and a very promising young designer, do you find combining these two difficult?

Julie Paskal: My family is my biggest support. It gives me inner strength and inspiration. Everything what I do is based on love and my family is the biggest source for it. This source nourishes me every single minute.

I think the biggest challenge for emerging brands in Ukraine is the lack of professional education in the field.

MORE is LOVE: What are the biggest challenges you faced in your career?

Julie Paskal: I think the biggest challenge for emerging brands in Ukraine is lack of professional education in fashion design and brand management. I’ve faced these problems on an early stage. As a result we decided to launch a SCHWETZ manufactory. It supports young designers on each stage from production to logistics.

MORE is LOVE: What do you think of Ukrainian fashion industry, how is it different from the rest of the world?

Julie Paskal: Ukrainian fashion is very authentic. While foreign designers are more commercial-oriented or too ”conceptual" Ukrainians sincerely embody their ideas without any commercial feelings.They are golden mean and I am happy to be one of this brave hearts.

LOVE is..."feeling of magic"

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