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Adrienne Mönkediek, co-founder of the new Tbilisi-based jewelry brand Mōule, shares with us the most disliked trend and how she’s adjusting to life in Tbilisi. Her career started in Berlin and has taken her across many European cities. Having worked for brands such as J.W. Anderson and Calvin Klein, she’s about to start at Balenciaga in Paris within their visual department, responsible for the creation and management of all image content.

Why did you choose this look?

I feel most myself when wearing black, and I like the sculptural silhouette of the dress. The fabric mix creates some visual depth and almost gives the illusion that I am wearing a two-piece outfit. The sandals I chose because I am very comfortable in platform heels and the sunglasses accentuate the entire appearance.

What is the best fashion/beauty-related advice you have ever received?

The only fashion advice that I constantly receive is to wear more colour but I have not fully embraced that yet. My go-to beauty advice is sunscreen during the day and Retinol at night. However, I believe beauty can be an energy that comes with confidence and being content with yourself.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style can be pretty versatile, as I like to dress for the occasion. On a daily basis I love wearing good quality essentials, like hoodies or oversized denims, then I would usually add one eyecatcher. When going out my signature style is integrating some sort of leather corset or piece that has a slight fetish connotation.

Which designer/brand does not disappoint you every season and why?

Brands I’ve liked for many seasons are Marine Serre and Balenciaga, not only because of their fashion but also because of their visual communication approach which I find very innovative and interesting in terms of concept. Other brands that I would like to add to my wardrobe right now are Ottolinger, Nensi Dojaka and Dilara Findikoglu.

Who/what inspires you?

In terms of life advice, I get inspiration from my family, or even the mentality of the people of the country that I live in. Ideas often occur through conversations with my friends and my creativity tends to be enhanced by something that I read, a movie that I watch, or an exhibition that I visit.

Adrienne's Choice

The most disliked trend?

The comeback of Crocs

What is the one thing you can’t leave your home without?

I actually prefer to leave the house with as little as possible, most of the time I take my small Jacquemus wallet bag that holds everything I need.

What is the most cherished fashion-related memory?

My grandma would always look flawless and dressed very fashionably, even now at the age of 85. She worked many years in the fashion scene herself and as a kid I was mesmerized by the stories she would tell me about the prêt-à-porter and couture shows back then in Paris in the Louvre.

Describe your daily routine.

Ideally, I’d be able to stick to one routine all the time, but I tend to adapt to my surroundings. In Tbilisi, schedule often changes, as things here happen at a different pace. When I move to Paris, things will surely change again. In general, my day is defined by my work which is versatile - that’s what I love about it.

Photographer: Irakli Gabelaia

Interviewer: Lika Mokia

Assistant: Nutsa Avaliani

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