About Us

To a woman more than love to accessories, jewellery and clothing is love to another human.

MORE is LOVE shares the love for fashion with the rest of the world. Every item is hand picked and thought of a customer. We want to give an experience to the person who shares our affection towards jewellery, accessories, clothing and appreciates each piece. We want to achieve high customer service and admiration from our loyal shoppers. MORE is LOVE will always provide interesting, most wanted jewellery, accessories clothing and exclusive collaborations with up-and-coming and established designers. We love our selection and are proud of our shop. For now, we only hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

BRAND 0711

0711 already established itself as strongly recognizable brand, that creates pieces from variety of materials. Products are handmade in Georgia with a diverse color palette and diversity of styles. Nature and iconic movies became main inspirations from season to season. Starting from beanies, the whole collections, including mittens, scarves and ponchos are named after mountains and ski resorts. Each purse is dedicated to one of the heroines and is represented in several characteristic shades. Day to evening purses made of transparent plexiglass, wood and yarn are a combination of constructivist forms and traditional hand weaving. 0711 is the accessory that deserves to be the one signature item in the woman’s wardrobe.

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