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Maka Kvitsiani, Founder and Creative Director of the RTW Georgian label "Dalood" shares with us her style secrets and unique approach to femininity.

What is your most cherished fashion related memory?

As a kid, I remember seeing Alexander McQueen in Selfridges. Him being gone so early in his life, I cherish that memory very much.

The most disliked trend?

Generally, I’m against trends, especially in fashion, because it encourages copying and to me individuality is the key.

How would you describe your personal style?

I have a mood driven personality and my style differs daily, I would call it not defined, even confusing at times, but colorful and eccentric.

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What is the best fashion advice you have ever received?

I’m always reminded by what one fashion stylist told me in London that no matter what I make, I should always make it in a high quality.

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Describe your daily routine?

First and foremost I wash my face with cleansing foam, followed by enzyme cleaner, hyaluronic serum and anti-aging serum, Then I apply my eye cream and face moisturizer.

At night, I repeat my morning routine but instead of serums and a day time moisturizer I use Vitamin C and a night moisturizer cream.

What does your everyday outfits look like?

I always look for multifunctional clothes, so that with a little bit of styling touches I can wear the same outfit freely in different situations and still feel stylish. Wheather it’s a trench coat, silk pajamas, robe dress and etc.

Photographer: Luca Phantskhava

Interviewer: Ani Janelidze

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