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Nutsa Svanidze, is the founder of the exquisite marble home decor brand, Marmól. In this conversation, we delve into Nutsa's personal style, which she beautifully describes as a reflection of her ever-changing moods. Dive into her thoughts on individualism, fashion trends, and endless inspirations that fuel her creativity.

How would you describe your personal style?

Pinning down one particular style is a bit of a challenge for me. Like I mentioned earlier, my character and mood play pivotal roles. I might embrace a sporty vibe one day, then go for a classic look the next. However, beneath it all, I'd say my style tends to lean towards simplicity and modesty.

Why did you choose this look?

The choice of my outfit today was driven by its colors and simplicity. Some days, I'm drawn to staying grounded in the present moment – it's all about my mood. And yes, today was one of those days.

What is the best fashion/beauty advice you have ever received?

While I can't recall advice from any specific individual, I firmly believe that preserving one's individualism should never fade.

The most disliked trend?

For me, following a trend solely because it's popular is already a negative trend in itself.

Who/what inspires you?

I find inspiration flowing from– my child, the weather, even dreams, and definitely from the people around me. It's the vibrant and active elements of life that fuel my creativity.

Nutsa's Choice

Which designer/brand does not disappoint you every season and why?

Fond memories of Balenciaga come to mind – its legacy has been carried forward by new designers who've added their distinct touch. While I might not be completely aligned with every twist and turn, Balenciaga consistently meets expectations. Another iconic house is YSL.

What is the one thing you can’t leave your home without?

Well, lip balm has a permanent spot in my bag, alongside the ever-present phone.

Describe your daily routine.

It begins with a glass of water, followed by that essential cup of morning coffee. Then it's off to preparing breakfast for my family, a non-negotiable exercise session, and diving into the world of Marmól. Everyday tasks blend in, along with a simple skincare routine in the morning and evening. And not to forget, wrapping up the day by reading a bedtime story to my son. That about sums it up!

Photographer: Tedo Zurashvili

Interviewer: Lika Mokia

Assistant: Anna Podolian

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