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Mary Bitchashvili is the person behind some of the most high-profile campaigns in the Georgian fashion industry. She initially envisioned a career in health management but decided to follow her dreams and start working in the industry. Mary shares with us her thoughts about sustainable fashion and gives advice on feeling comfortable in the chaos of trends.

Why did you choose this look?

In my opinion, a jacket and high waisted pants fit me the most. I like a range of neutral colors combined with black. George Keburia’s blazer is associated with Moschino, Escada, and 50's Chanel. It outlines shoulders and makes the body look longer together with the high-waist pants. Minimalist By Far small bag completes the look. I adore eyewear with huge and transparent lenses. Big sunglasses hide your sins.

What does your everyday outfit look like?

I feel the most comfortable in high-waist straight-leg denim pants, t-shirts, oversized blazers, mid-heel mules, big tote bags.

The most desliked trend?

The trend itself. People always think about what is the most liked piece and forget to think about their needs. For a few years now, but especially from 2015-2016, there are almost all trends in fashion. Everything is trendy and you have to find what is yours and makes you feel comfortable in this chaos.

How would you describe your style?

It permanently changes together with my mood. I choose a boyish style but sometimes I like a feminine look too, which turns me into a slightly comic character.

What is the best fashion advice you have ever recieved?

You should consider well when purchasing something and think about a sustainable wardrobe.

Mary's Choice

The best beauty advice you have ever recieved?

Beauty is in the mind.

What is your most cherished fashion related memory?

My first day at Materiel. It was my first job and first step in this industry, approximately 4 years ago. That changed my life course and I gave up studying medicine.

Mary's Choice

Which designer does not disappoint you every season?

Miuccia Prada.

Describe your daily routine.

I wake up at 08:00 am, have a long breakfast, watch my favorite YouTube channels, read some articles, scroll IG feed and start working. In the evening I always drink wine and meet my friends. My night starts at 9 pm because of the national curfew and the only thing that I do is wailing and dreaming about being out of home. It has become a night routine.

Photographer: Luca Phantskhava

Interviewer: Nanuka Baghashvili

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