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Introducing Tebea Rusadze, co-owner and executive director of MORE is LOVE and 0711 Tbilisi, as well as co-founder of brand new restaurant OtsY. She shares her daily routine, managing three companies, whilst being a mom of two. And her personal style matching her lifestyle, being classic with a bit of casual twist.

Why did you choose this look?

I chose this look because it resembles my everyday style and routine. Seeing as I have different work meetings all day, I have to look professional and feel comfortable as well.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is similar to what I’m wearing for the LOOK, classic with a bit of casual twist.

The most disliked trend?

I don’t like when there’s too much of everything in a look; exaggerated make up, a lot of layers and colours. I like classic pieces that look timeless.

What is the best fashion/beauty advice you have ever received?

Expressing yourself through clothes, it should be in sync with your personality, character and mood.

What advice would you give to young adults starting their careers in the fashion industry?

I would advise to have a specific career goal. There will be obstacles along the way; physical, emotional and even a step back in a career, but it’s important to never stop and work on yourself and your development in order to reach your goal.

Tebea's Choice

Why did you choose these locations?

I chose three of my favourite places: MORE is LOVE, 0711 Tbilisi and OtsY. I love spending time at MORE is LOVE and 0711 Tbilisi and its where I mostly do my work.

OtsY is my latest venture, which opened up only a few months ago in the heart of Old Tbilisi. I chose this location, because of calm and minimal environment. I’ve already spent so much time in this restaurant, that it feels like second home.

Which designer/brand does not disappoint you every season and why?

0711 Tbilisi does not disappoint every season, because I see the process of creating a collection from start to final result. I also love Nanushka and Low Classic, you can find both of these brands on our website.

What is the one thing you can’t leave your home without?

I can’t leave my home without my phone, laptop and car keys.

Who/what inspires you?

My life is an inspiration on its own; my everyday routine, work, family and friends. Also, I like looking at architecture and exploring the nature.

Describe your daily routine.

I start my morning with my kids. Later on, I do Pilates, which brings calmness to my hectic day. Afterwards, I usually go to 0711, and then to MORE is LOVE to work there until the end of the day. After working hours, I have to go to OtsY and do some more work there. On weekends, I try to spend some time with my friends and family outside the city.

Photographer: Luka Pantskhava

Interviewer: Lika Mokia

Assistant: Anna Podolian

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