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Lidia Ivankova is that girl, who is always aware of the brands which are on top of the season. The place and atmosphere of our shooting location matches her aesthetic: minimalistic and very chic. In the midst of art objects she rapidly found her place. When she was a little girl she always had that every young girl obsession – shopping. Now she wisely chooses every her purchase but still admits to her shopaholic attitude. The only things that she won’t allow to add into her wardrobe are fishnets and bags with the printed brand logo on them. At the moment Lidia works in the fashion industry in collaboration with the brand Regalia Couture but soon she will present her own project. Her role women are legendary Laura Hutton and Audrey Hepburn. This influenced her style and vision of fashion.

MORE is LOVE team had a chance to spend one day with lovely Lidia Ivankova at OBJECTS Architecture Design Store!

This look is fun, and I decided why not, let’s try something new out.

I am always up for new trends even thought I prefer something more classic.

I don't really need the weekend or an occasion to get dressed up.

I think the best is yet to come and everyday I am trying to work on improving myself.

Photographer: Kote Zurashvili

Interviewer: Mariam Gugushvili

Location: OBJECTS

Lidia's choice
Light Blue Dress
Nina Zarqua
Black Pumps
Antoine Copacabana Purse
Multicolor Blue Earrings
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