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"The world is a stage by itself, all men and women - merely players." - our new heroine Keta Shatirishvili fully agrees to William Shakespeare's quote. Keta is the kind of actress who is always ready for new adventures. For instance she would gladly act in popular soap opera despite of her tight schedule. As a real creative she knows how to look effortless, yet sophisticated. She describes her style as comfortable and sporty, yet always adds one particular item that can light up the whole look. Keta's everyday attire always depends on her schedule, that are rehearsals, performances and being a full time mom. One of her favorite fashion stories brings us back to her being 14, when she bought the first pair of shoes with her own salary, that wasn’t much, but she wore them with pride for almost over 100 plays.

MORE is LOVE team has spent one exciting day with Keta Shatirishvili at Archidea Tbilisi.

I chose this look, cause it was my chance to wear something sexy and light during the photoshoot.

My style is quite free, comfortable and a bit tomboyish.

My style icon is David Bowie, he’s been always different and extraordinary.

My essentials are jeans, T-shirts, sneakers and something warm and cozy for a long workday.

Photographer: Kote Zurashvili

Interviewer: Mariam Gugushvili

Assistant: Ani Janelidze

Location: Archidea Tbilisi

Keta's choice
Sky Blue Trench Coat
White Silk Dress
Nina Zarqua
White Feathered Mules
Carradine Copa Purse
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