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Sisters Tamuna and Tamta Gazashvili talk about their signature style, favorite brands. Moreover, they share an amusing story about the first-ever woman to fly. The airport was not a random choice for them it is one of the meeting points and an emotional place as they live on different continents.

How would you describe your personal style?

Tamta: Jacket, jeans and Converse is my everyday style which is the byproduct of my work life. With the professional look from the waist up and teenager’s look from the waist down. I’ve been working as the news reporter since I was 17 and became an anchor when I turned 21. It’s reporter’s duty to look good on TV, however we don’t have the privilege to know exactly what our schedule for the day would look like. You might end up working outside, on your feet all day. That’s why it is important to wear comfortable shoes, but still maintain a professional look. This had a big effect on shaping my everyday style. Nowadays I always wear comfortable clothes while working, since you don’t know what to expect.

Tamuna: I don’t think I have 1 specific style. My style is constantly changing. It is influenced by the cities I lived in, by time, mood, jobs, people… it even changes from the morning to the evening. My style in the office or at business meetings is completely different from the style I have in the evening when I’m biking or playing with the kids in the park. It also depends on my mood, sometimes I want to be very feminine, sometimes I just want to wear my husband’s clothes. I’m not stressing myself too much to keep myself in the box and follow any specific style or trends.

Why did you choose this look?

Tamta: MORE is LOVE is so close to my style that it was hard to pick a specific look. I chose a classic style in the shades of nude as I’ve had a crush for this color palette for some time now. I feel the most comfortable in this fit, it highlights the waist and shape of the body beautifully.

Tamuna: This pencil skirt reminded me of the first ever female passenger on a plane. In 1908, when Wright brothers brought Edith Berg onto their plane, they were worried that her skirt might get caught on the machinery. So, they tied a cord around her ankles to help hem her skirt in. The flight was a perfect success, plus it got the world to notice the “hobble skirt”, which is the pencil skirt’s ancestor. It didn’t take long before Paris designers adopted this style of the dress. Since we decided to shoot at the airport (which is the most emotional place for me and my sister since we live so far from each other) I thought I just had to choose this look. It would be my imaginary time travel pretending to be the first ever woman to fly.

What is the best fashion/beauty advice you have ever received?

Tamta: This is where following other people’s taste gets you. Many people get stressed by this pressure to impress others; However, in today’s world there are countless choices and options you can pick from and develop your personal style. You can still look very attractive even if you have a low budget. It’s not about what is written on your shirt; it’s about how you feel while wearing that shirt. Just be yourself!

Tamuna: Just don’t try too hard. Sometimes it looks desperate.

Tamta's Choice

The most disliked trend?

Tamta: The big problem we have today is individuality when it comes to fashion. A lot of people get caught up with trends and forget about their personal tastes. There was the time when everyone used to wear high hill sneakers, that were terrible in my opinion.

Tamuna: In California, I would say Coachella style/trend. It does not really bother me, but I don’t like when people copy each other too much, especially in small cities, like Tbilisi. For example, every time I visit Tbilisi, I see most of the guys wearing either Margiela sneakers or Loro Piana shoes. The same thing for the girls with the same bags, shoes, social media style with the dark IG filter and random photos of wine glass or swans or bed sheets that for some reason everybody has.

What is your most cherished fashion-related memory?

Tamta: When I was a kid I wanted to become a professional ballet dancer and dedicated every day to that cause. I only used to wear sportswear and the only thing I was interested in buying was pointe shoes for my ballet practice. One day I saw my older sister dressed beautifully with a high waist light blue pants, short top, low hill slippers and long straight black hair. I was astounded and it sparked that passion for clothes. Since then, she has been my #1 judge on anything I buy.

Tamuna: I remember vividly couple of things from my childhood: the wood clogs made by my grandpa; it was a handmade magic. Helly Hansen winter jacket, back in the 90’s I was dying to have it. The white short fur my sister was wearing when she was 5. She was the cutest duckling. I would travel back in time to hug and squish her.

Which designer/brand does not disappoint you every season and why?

Tamta: It’s little awkward for me to talk about high end brands, but I do like some individual pieces a lot. The only thing that doesn’t change in my closet is black and white Converse, but everything else is depended on my mood and slightly on trend if I like it.

Tamuna: I can’t say I always like the whole collection of the same brand/designer every year but those are my all-time favs: The Row, Loewe, Agolde, Jean Paul Gautier, Margiela.

Who/what inspires you?

Tamta: My daughter and family. I’m very lucky that everyone in my family has personal passion. They’re all very different but still have much in common; like the love of life, kindness and hard work. They never stop working on improving themselves and share their achievements with the whole family. This is what motivates me to get up every day and be the best version of myself.

Tamuna: I’m inspired by my daughter’s confidence; she was born like this and I’m still learning. I’m inspired by my son’s happiness, idk how he can be happy 24/7. I’m inspired by Paul Stamet’s research studies.

What is the one thing you can’t leave your home without?

Tamta: Phone, car keys, perfume and lip balm.

Tamuna: My phone, car key, allergy pills and a lots of hair ties.

Photographer: Luka Pantskhava

Interviewer: Lika Mokia

Assistant: Anna Podolian

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