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Lado Bokuchava

With his very first collection as a Creative Director of Atelier Kikala, Lado Bokuchava shook up Georgian fashion scene with sophistication and artful approach to contemporary design using high fashion technologies. And with his artistic thinking he still manages to make commercially successful collections that bring Georgian fashion on a completely new level. In the TALK Lado shares with MORE is LOVE his influences and personal life rules.

MORE is LOVE: What made you choose your profession?

Lado: I decided to become a fashion designer when I was a child and never doubted that my path would lead to fashion. Actually, I plan everything ahead and try to do my best to reach my goals. As for my path to Atelier Kikala, I was doing my graduation capsule collection and I needed to make a look book. I came across with photographer Mamuka Kikalishvili and after graduation started working at his Kikala Stuido as an Art Director. After number of successful projects, experience and positive feedback, the idea of launching Atelier Kikala became real.

MORE is LOVE: What influences your work?

Lado: I never choose a specific inspiration theme to develop for my collections. It can be anything and often it is something random or out of context. My mood, music, colors and even my personal style change a lot according to the seasons of the year and it shows off in my designs. I like to read and discover new things, often inspiration comes with the new topic that I'm interested about. Spring/Summer collections have more clean and wearable forms - they are simpler. My Autumn/Winter collections have stronger concepts where I have a possibility to create more sculptural shapes.

I prefer more deserted places, like a wild forest or ruined buildings in suburbs as they nourish me with new ideas.

MORE is LOVE: Your A/W 14/15 collection is focused on the subject of the Earth. How did you get inspired?

Lado: At that time, everything I was reading or listening to was related to space. I got interested in learning more about planets, geology and things that at first sight appears dead and soulless. However, they constantly move and change, undergo transformation processes and you can feel that they are alive. Each color and texture in the collection has its own mood and meaning. For example, white is a cosmic color, I associate it with endless space and silence, while black embodies freedom for me.

MORE is LOVE: How do you start a collection? What is your first move?

Lado: I create a mood board, it really helps me to manage my ideas and feelings. Then I sit down in front of it and start the never-ending drawing process.

MORE is LOVE:Do you have favorite colors and fabrics to work with?

Lado: I like working with lots of colors. I only use black when I want to stress the idea and make it evident. As for the fabrics, I like mixing very expensive and delicate textures with cheap and coarse materials. Though, my favorite fabric is silk organza.

MORE is LOVE: What do you like to do in your free time?

Lado: I enjoy being home, where I draw and listen to music. When I am going out, I prefer more deserted places, like a wild forest or ruined buildings in suburbs as they nourish me with new ideas.

MORE is LOVE: How did you come up with the idea of using hand cut leather clothes?

Lado: Originally, we tried to cut different fabrics, but the only material that gave the desired effect was the double-sided artificial leather. That’s how we started and now I think it’s become Atelier Kikala’s signature trait. You can find leather hand cut designs in different interpretations in my collections.

MORE is LOVE: Describe Atelier Kikala’s woman…

Lado: She is free, natural and maybe even without make-up. In fact, we have a wide range of clienteles, they all are different and I like that diversity. At Atelier Kikala everyone can find something designed exactly for herself.

White is a cosmic color, I associate it with endless space and silence, while black embodies freedom for me.

MORE is LOVE: Your life motto…

Lado: I never have a hope for something, but not in a pessimistic way. It motivates me and makes me want to push myself even harder to try my best, to avoid all kind of regretting “what ifs” and “if I-s” in my life.

MORE is LOVE: Nowadays, Georgian designers are climbing the international fashion ladder. How do you feel about it?

Lado: I love what’s happening now in Georgian fashion. We have many talented designers from my generation such as Gola Damian, Ketevane Maissaia, Tatuna Nikoalishvili, George Keburia… I find that they all look different, they have their own language, their own aesthetic. I pay much attention to designer’s identity, and if it is shown in his creations, it means that he is a real artist.

MORE is LOVE: What advice would you give to young designers?

Lado: First, you should find out who you are and get absolutely certain about what you like. Then, go ahead! Be brave and don’t hesitate to express yourself through your designs.

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