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Kristina Fialkovskaia, a women's wear designer who has collaborated with numerous European fashion brands. Her recent venture is called Kidding, a clothing and home textile brand for children. Here, she discusses her creative process, fashion style that highlights beauty, and individuals who inspire her.

Why did you choose this look?

I picked this ensemble because it is adaptable and comfortable. I am particularly fond of broad shirts, and the thick denim jeans from the Korean label Low Classic are excellently tailored and fit my physique perfectly.

How would you describe your personal style?

My fashion style centers on simplicity and straightforwardness. I gravitate towards pieces that accentuate my appearance without diverting attention away from it.

What is your most cherished fashion-related memory?

My most treasured fashion-related memories are the final fittings, lookbook photoshoots, and backstage shows. These are the moments when I see my designs come to life and everything comes together perfectly, which brings me true happiness.

What is the best fashion/beauty advice you have ever received?

The most valuable beauty advice that I have received is to use sunscreen with SPF protection every day.

The most disliked trend?

I dislike the trend towards idealizing the past and the lack of optimism about the future as it can cause anxiety.

Kristina's Choice

Which designer/brand does not disappoint you every season and why?

For me, Jonathan Anderson stands out not because I am a fan of every collection he produces for various brands, but because his designs consistently embody irony, courage, self-confidence, and humor, which are often lacking in the fashion industry.

What is the one thing you can’t leave your home without?

Unfortunately, I cannot leave my home without my phone.

Who/what inspires you?

One of my inspirations is Jane Goodall, a British explorer, primatologist, and anthropologist. Her inner and outer beauty, strength, and perseverance despite her age continue to amaze me, as she writes books and conducts research.

Describe your daily routine.

Although I am still working on developing a more structured daily routine, there are a few things that are important to me, such as doing yoga in the morning, having my morning coffee, and reading children's books to my daughter before bed.

Photographer: Irakli Gabelaia

Interviewer: Lika Mokia

Assistant: Anna Podolian

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