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Étage Magazine is a cultural publication created with high esteem towards both its reader and heroes. This magazine covers processes in the world of Arts, Culture, Design, Science and Architecture from a root idea to a final embodiment and describes every stage: source of inspiration, personal convictions, techniques, made decisions, challenges, discoveries, fresh approaches and ultimate outcomes. Étage Magazine has determined its core values — quality, profoundness and palate and conveys unobvious without any distortions. J EE is a young Kazakhstani designer. Being product design student in IED Barcelona, J EE creates denim jackets with personalized handmade illustrations.

Etage X J EE Collaboration It’s a limited collection of denim jackets inspired by works of significant artists like Mark Rothko, Kazimir Malevich, Rene Magritte, Jeff Koons and Fernand Leger.

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